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Why some people achieve their goals (and others don't)

Why some people achieve their goals (and others don't)

There isn’t a single person alive who doesn't have goals and is working towards improving themselves.

But for some, why is it that they just can’t finish what they have started?

It seems so obvious.

To achieve a goal you need to commit to staying the course and take action every day. And taking action is driven by some super mysterious energy, self control or perhaps a more scientific word "willpower".

But few of us know exactly what willpower is and how it works.

Willpower is basically a bucket of energy with a hole in it. Each morning it is filled up after we have a night of sleep, and it runs out during the day as we use it up.

 But if we don't get a good nights rest we don't start off the day with optimal willpower. Have you noticed if you don’t sleep well you wake up wanting to eat junk? It's because your willpower hasn't fully replenished and it’s that much harder to stick to a diet, and you crave sugar to top up your energy reserves.

Willpower is also used up when you have internal arguments about a decision. You know, should I eat cake, shouldn’t I, oh what the heck, just eat it. Nah I better not. This type of internal arguing depletes willpower! 

Willpower is also depleted when you withhold your true feelings or are being unauthentic. Like when your boss has pissed you off, and you do your best to bite your tongue. Sometimes it’s better to just say what you think ;)

However willpower is finite and gets used up as you progress through the day and at the end of the day you don't have much left. Which is why couples fight the most in the evening as they have run out of self control and let loose on what's bothering them. 

 But willpower can also be topped up during the day (such as after eating) and also strengthened (which I will talk about in another blog post).

I am keen to hear your thoughts.

Have you noticed when you feel depleted of willpower during or after certain events?

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