When Online Bullies Try to Ruin Your Business (and what happened next....!)

The other day I got accused of copying the phrase “You’ve Got This” and “Fucking Fierce” from a customer of another business. There were several women involved who took it upon themselves to not only comment on my ads but also send me a nasty PM.

And it really upset me for several reasons. So I thought I’d clarify some things in case there is any confusion.

Delta & Co is very much our brand.

Over the last 2 years, we have spent a pretty dime on professional branding, copywriting, illustrations, photography, graphic design to make this OUR brand.

It’s an idea I had after a bad time I was going through and looking for a way to inspire myself to keep going. I chose the word Delta because it means “change” - and I wanted to change my life for the better, and inspire others to do that too. Hence the name Delta & Co. You can read my story here.

My husband and I work on it full time after he quit his remote FIFO job so he could spend more time with his family  - we have three young children who depend on us. It’s our 4th baby and we have invested a huge amount of time, energy and money into this. We take our business very seriously.

All the phrases I choose resonate with me and embody an element of my personality. And like most personalities, my personality is multi-dimensional.

Those who know me personally can attest to the fact that I swear like a sailor and am strong and fierce. I have also been through a lot of bad stuff and survived and inspirational messages like “You’ve Got This”resonates with me.

I am also a mother and sentimental messages like "Forever Family“ and “I Love You To The Moon And Back” resonate with me.

I can be loving and compassionate and can also be assertive and bold. I also excel at taking the piss so some of my bands have lighthearted messages like "Calm The Fuck Down" but I am also serious when it comes to messages that help inspire REAL change in people’s lives.

Consequently, all the messages on our bands are a reflection of me, my personality and my story of trying to change my life, achieve my goals, live better, be happier, look after my family - and make a difference. All cards that come with the bands are 100% written by me.

Yes there is going to be other businesses that have the same messages on bracelets, tee-shirts, mugs and other paraphernalia.

However, unless a brand owns a phrase via a registered trademark in your category (i.e jewellery) its fair game for anyone to use it. And if it’s popular chances are it resonates with more than one person and is used widely by many businesses.

And you may not have heard about our business  - you only see what you are advertised. It doesn’t mean we don’t exist - we have been operating for over 2 years now - selling online and within many stores across Australia.

So that’s our story in a nutshell.

Which leads me to introduce our new band - Fucking Fierce.

Because if you are going to let yourself be bullied by random people on the internet you won’t survive in business, or in life for very long.

If you let yourself get pushed around and listen to every asshole with a two-bit opinion about what you should or shouldn't be doing, you are simply NOT going to make it.

It’s your life and you need to defend your right to exist, to shine, to grow, fiercely.

And no one is going to step in and do that for you, but you.

Fucking Fierce Delta Band - now available in Silver, Rose Gold and Gold.

Update: What Happened NEXT:

So after the above blog went viral something funny happened (well actually not that funny but pretty awful).

I got a confrontational Facebook message from the owner of another inspirational bracelet business telling me I couldn't use the words "naughty and nice" on my Ads, because she used it in her copy. I told her that I was pretty sure "naughty and nice" was a pretty common phrase, and then all of the sudden the conversation turned south and ended abruptly. 

The next thing I know, she wrote an entire blog post slamming our business with all sorts of inferences, none which can be proven and making assumptions on assumption that we are sitting here getting all of our ideas from her. 

And the truth is, I am 100% guilty.

Yes I have been getting inspiration from other businesses.


But sadly for her, most of our inspiration has come from much bigger international businesses such as Pure Vida, Lokai, My Intent, Merci Madam to name a few.

Inspiration on how to incorporate story-telling, use illustrations, establish a brand persona and create a community around our mission.

Activities ALL big established brands do that set them apart from the rest.

Important activities you should most certainly be doing too - if you are the owner of an e-commerce brand.

(And there are plenty of workshops out there to help you do this, but you will see a common theme if you start looking around, but I will link some references on the post below to help you get started.) 

But moving on from that, what exactly is the point publically slamming another business anyway?

Coming from a business supposedly all about "women's empowerment" and with stories about "anti-bullying" it seems a little hypocritical, I think.

Unless of course, you're looking for a new shiny drama to sell another bangle?

Which is, if you are not aware, a very effective marketing strategy used by brands the world over.

The aged old, thinly veiled strategy of "Us vs Them" (if you want to to learn more about it, I've added some links below.)

But then something even stranger happened - some of their ads started popping up looking a lot like our successful Ads.

The same format, and shock horror, using some of our terminology.

And then they launched a bracelet very similar to one of ours.

Holy Shit.

Could they....?

Would they....?


Anyways, that's the last time I am talking about this matter.

Because what I am not interested in doing is wasting any more time or energy on this drama when I could be using it to build my business, get some exercise and spend time with my children.

Because where your attention goes, your energy flows.

And that shit is limited.

However, given that there is a defamatory blog post about us floating around the internet I felt the need to make sure our community knew our side of the story.

Thanks for listening! x

As promised above, here are some useful info on how to elevate your brand.







My daughter surprised me with my gold “fucking fierce” bracelet recently when I was going through an incredibly stressful time. It meant the world to me.. every day it reminds me that I am exactly that ! And that I can handle whatever comes my way!

Trish Radke November 02, 2018

My daughter surprised me with my gold “fucking fierce” bracelet recently when I was going through an incredibly stressful time. It meant the world to me.. every day it reminds me that I am exactly that ! And that I can handle whatever comes my way!

Trish Radke November 02, 2018

Awesome content, brand, and message – thanks for sharing. The internet can be a shitty place, and it’s a real shame that someone looking to inspire others experiences negativity and send nasty messages. I love your photography, jewellery and branding so much! Spectacular work and I’ll be sure to pick up one of these fucking fierce bands the next time payday allows me to gift something to myself. Keep doing you! xoxo :)

Dee August 30, 2018

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