How My Delta Band Helped My Business Explode

I was reading a book the other night called “Million Dollar Habits” and there was a quote in there that stuck with me that I wanted to share with you.

The quote was the following:

“Everything Counts.”

“Everything helps or hurts."

“Everything adds up or takes away. Everything is either moving you towards your goal of your choosing or moving you away from that goal.”

And that got me thinking about my journey so far, in building my business that is now on track to gross over 7 figures.

And looking back at the last 12 months, I wanted to share something with you that made a huge impact on where I am today.

And the truth I want to share with you is this.

I did everything I could to ensure the odds of success were stacked in my favour.

And that included wearing a Delta Band - every. single. fucking. day.

Because none of us is mentally infallible.

None of us feels motivated and energised every day.

Some days we can’t be fucked.

And some days we are scared of taking action.

And other days we want to give up.

But if I truly wanted to increase my chances of success, why would I scrimp on my mindset?

The most important asset that I had?

The only thing stopping me from getting from A to B?

I wouldn't - cos that's crazy.

I would do everything I could to increase the odds of success.

I would wear a Delta Band and look at it, read it, and activate the most important tool I had.

And then take the bold, fearless audacious action that comes next.

And I did exactly that this year - and the results speak for themselves.

Which also reminds me back to 2016 when was trying to lose 10 kgs after the birth of my 2nd child.

I created my first prototype of a Delta Band that year and wore it day in day out as a reminder to stick to my diet.

And some might look at it, and say, "oh that's so obsessive. You don't need to do that".

In fact, some of the school mums said exactly that when they saw me head to the gym day in day out after drop off.

But I didn’t care, I was a woman on a mission, and nothing was going to get in my way.

I wore my Delta Band everyday and obsessively stuck to my plans.

How do you think that turned out?

I dropped 10 kgs and achieved my goal weight all within 6 months while the mums on the bench who weren’t “so obsessed” looked on.

Because if there one truth bomb that those who are “masters” at what they do, or “high performers” don’t tell you, it’s this:

They did everything they could to win.

They did everything they could to stack the odds in their favour.

They know, intimately, that success doesn’t happen “casually.”

And anyone who promises otherwise is a fucking liar.

Get a Delta Band, look at it and activate your brain.

It's the best investment in your mindset you could ever make.

And if you have got a Delta Band already - wear it, every day even.

And use it to create some good habits, million dollar habits even!

You've got this. x

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Pinar x

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