Mothers Day 2018

After all the shit I have gone through this year, there is one thing I’ve realised.

And that is, who has my back.

And it’s not always who you think, or expect.

Because sometimes it’s the very same people who annoy you more than anyone in the world.

The same people you argue with and vow never to talk to again.

And sometimes you stop speaking altogether.

But then you realise how precious they are.

You forgive and forget.

And start speaking again.

My mother and I are complete opposites.

And most of the time we don’t see eye to eye.

But when shit goes down in my life, she is the one up at night, worrying and hoping I am ok.

And will go to the ends of the earth to help me in times of need.

She has my back, over and over again.

Because that’s the thing about family.

It’s forever.
Pinar xo
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