Introducing "The Latin Collection"

"Wow, I love the idea of wearing something powerful that no one else can understand,” the girl at Mind Body Spirit Event said to her friend, as she read the bracelet Alis Volat Propriiis” and promptly purchased it.

And I thought about it for a moment as I stood behind the stand, how cool that actually was, wearing a bracelet with a powerful message for your eyes only.

A message only YOU understand.

So when I got back home, I sat down and had a google of other Latin quotes and was blown away by how meaningful and insightful they all were.

Sure some were little brutal, but has life changed all that much since back then?

We are still the same humans with the same motivations, fears and desires, except we are a little more civil now.

So I choose my favourite Latin quotes that spoke to my soul, but I wanted to add my favour to it.

So I wrote some bad-ass cards to go with it in my signature No BS style you guys have seen around. ;)

My favourite is a quote by the Roman Emperor Caligula "Oderint Dum Mentuant" which means, “let them hate, so long as they fear.”

Kind cool, powerful AF and when I checked with your guys, you loved it too.

Something a powerful woman would love to wear as she takes on the world, which is what we are all about. 

Introducing the "The Latin Collection"

Go get it, girls! 


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