My Top Three Life Changing Truth Bombs

I remember 2015 like it was yesterday. 

I was ambitious AF and was trying to level up in all area of my life.

I was trying to build a business, lose weight, get fit, be a fantastic mother, socialise more - oh and also quit drinking wine!

But instead, everything fell apart.

And I decided it must be because I simply didn’t have what it took to be successful. 

Those high achieving women slaying in life? 

Well, they must be somehow better - stronger, smarter or both!

And then I began reading psychology books and was blown away by what I learnt. 

And upon applying those good ideas in my life, things slowly began to change.

To keep this short and sweet, I will share with you the top 3 truth bombs that changed my life.


Rule 1: You can do anything, but not everything.

Willpower:  it sounds serious, but it just means energy! 

And we get a bucket of energy each day that we use towards making decisions and it is depleted through stress and anxiety. 

But here’s the rub - we don’t have a bucket allocated to each area of our life - health, wealth, love and happiness. 

We have one bucket for everything!

And when you have conflicting goals, your energy is depleted faster!

But how does that even apply to me, you ask?

Well, if you choose to work on your business, you can’t go to the gym at the same time.

And if you choose to socialise which involves snacking more, you can’t also stick to your diet. 

These are examples of conflicting goals which puts your system into stress overload and causes big-time energy depletion.

Leaving you with less energy to decide to do anything - at all!

Realising this, I changed my game plan.

Instead of focusing on multiple goals I put all my energy into one goal until I had achieved it or it became a habit (I will talk more about habits later ;))

So what's the moral of the story then, you ask?

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

If you want to learn more about your internal energy source, check out "Willpower" by Roy Baumeister.


Rule 2: Don't tempt fate

Every afternoon at 3pm I would sit on the front deck eating a Magnum.

I figured I deserved it after wrangling kids all day and needed a little “something” to get me through until their bedtime. 

Until one day I jumped on the scales and got a massive surprise. 

It was time to part ways with the magnum. 

Surely it wouldn’t be that hard to quit that little naughty habit, I thought to myself. 


I tried everything to resist, but every day it beckoned me back into its clutches.

And then I discovered yet another truth bomb and changed my game plan again.

Next week when I went shopping I decided to bypass the freezer section altogether. 

I use to rationalise buying ice-cream with “oh it’s not for me, I will just buy it for the kids and not eat it.”

I would assume that when 3 pm came, I would have this superhuman strength (that was MIA every other day) and resist with grace and ease.

That’s what us humans do well - we see our “future self” with rose coloured glasses.

A couple of extra rules to pay attention to here.

Firstly, you are not Superman.

So don’t put yourself in situations where you have temptations.

Because this is causing your brain to go into “should I/shouldn’t I” decision-making stress which depletes your energy - meaning chances are, you are going to cave in.

And secondly, late afternoons are the worst!

Science has found that late afternoons are when your energy is at it’s lowest.

Have you ever noticed when you are shopping you blow your budget around this time of day?

That’s not an accident. 

You have run out of energy to resist spending money.

Research has even found that judges refuse parole more in the afternoons as it’s the easier decision to make!

So what are you to do now, knowing this truth bomb?

Remove all temptations that stop you from achieving your goal.

Make it easier for yourself to follow through for goodness sake!

And don't tempt fate.


RULE 3: There is no backing out. Bitch.

When I started Delta & Co, I had just finished a 3-day overnight hike, spent a weekend away snorkelling and was in a great space.

I was starting to make progress on my health and fitness goals and wanted to make sure it became a permanent lifestyle.

I had learnt a very important fact - that the mental argy-bargy we have in our heads as to whether to go to the gym, eat healthily, meditate, work on our business and so on, uses up energy and makes it less likely we will complete any of it at all.

And the only way to remove this energy depleting thought-cycle is through something called, pre-commitment.

Off the back of this truth bomb, I wanted to create something you could wear daily that symbolises your decision.

And basically, that there is no backing out, bitch.

And the Delta Band - our very first version was born. 

So every evening, write down the list of tasks you need to complete the next day. 

And wear a band as a symbolise your commitment to completing them.

That way you are not making decisions on the fly as to whether to do it or not.

Basically, there is no backing out, bitch.

And as you complete your tasks, tick them off your list and then move on the next one!

Ladies, I hope the above helps.

These were the top 3 truth bombs I learnt in 2015 that helped change my life .

If you loved this post, check out my next post on how my Delta Band helped me grow my business to 7 figures here!


Pinar x


P.S: I have received so many emails asking which band to choose for this very purpose, and here is my answer:

Whatever symbolises pre-commitment for you! 

If you are still struggling to decide, my recommendations are: You've Got This and Just Keep Going.

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