Enough With The Mum Shaming

“Facebook Ads thinks I am a suburban mum, and this one is particularly precious."

I stared at the comment for a while, puzzled, trying to figure out what she meant.

The comment was left on a Facebook Ad where I spoke about starting my small business Delta & Co as a stay at home mum.

So I checked out the profile of the girl who wrote it, to see who she was and why my lifestyle was so offensive to her.

I had a scroll and it turned out she was one of those women.

The type of woman that judges other women for not matching up with their personal view of what it means to be an empowered woman.

And that definition, excluded me.

A precious "suburban mum".

And then, I got angry.

Angry that there are women out there like this, looking down upon the choices of other women.

Because last I checked, being an empowered woman was about choice.

And a woman could choose to move to the suburbs and have children, if that is what she wanted.

And that doesn’t make her any less of an empowered woman than those who decide to not have children and focus on their career.

So here I was, being judged for my choice like I was taking the easy way out. Like it’s a walk in the park.

And I’ve had enough.

Enough with the women on women shaming.

And enough of the judging.

And as for the uni student, the self-proclaimed feminist, who commented on my ad...

I am not angry at her any more.

Because truth be told, I was probably a little like her when I was young.

I thought I knew it all.

But then I grew up, and now I know better.

And one day, she will too.

She'll stop seeing life in black and white, and start appreciating all those shades of grey.

She'll see the power of women making the choices that are right for them. Whatever those choices might be.

And to all the suburban mums out there.

I get it....

The sleepless nights.

The never-ending juggling act.

The forgotten dreams.

The sacrifices you make for your family.

The thankless labour.

So I created this new band, to unite us.

And to wear as a daily reminder that you are doing an incredible job.

And what you do IS important.

And that you ARE relevant.

Because you are holding this whole f---ing thing together.

Precious suburban mum.

I hear you.


Precious Suburban Mum Delta Band -> Now Available in Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold. Stock Is Limited.

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