Defending Our Business Part 2

It was brought to my attention that another biz in the inspirational bracelet biz, wrote an entire post dedicated to how they feel that we copied them.

And the comments from their customers on their Facebook and Instagram post read….

“I hope you can sue!”

"What is this company so I can leave them a piece of my mind!"

"Name n shame"

Usually, I am good at brushing off hostility like this.

But this time it made me feel sick and angry.

That again, I had to defend my business, and that the company has now stepped it up a notch with a public post.

So here I am, feeling like Barak Obama during the birthing scandal.

With a need to prove that we came up with our idea long ago and didn’t copy despite what the c***s will have you believe (pardon the pun).

So I thought to myself, let them have it, so maybe, just maybe, they (and their customers) will get off our back.

So here it is, a screenshot of when we bought our domain, back in January 2016, before said company was possibly even around.

When we first had the idea for combining a jewellery business with personal development.

We started with the name Delta Charm, and then evolved through various iterations of Delta to eventually settle on Delta & Co.

Now let's talk about the “quotes”….ah the quotes….

According to their customers, I copied their phrases as they launched some of theirs before mine.

Using that logic, I could equally argue that I feel that they copied mine.

Back in March 2018, I launched Nevertheless She Persisted (see screenshot).

And then, some months later, they launched it as well. Back in April 2018, I posted a meme “I Am Mostly Peace, Love & Light & A Little Go F Yourself” on my Instagram page.


It got a TONNE of likes and great engagement. I thought brilliant, I might use this later down the track on a bracelet.

I thought brilliant, I might use this later down the track on a bracelet.

Some months later, they launched a bangle with this exact message.

Does that mean I can’t use it?

It was on my Instagram page first after all?

But according to some of their customers - yes it does.

I use the phrase “Jewellery with Purpose” to define our business.

Then a very similar message pops up their website “Bangles with Purpose”.

I used Zen AF as a collection name.

Then BOOM - Cheeky AF turned up on theirs.

Lol, go figure..BUT....

Does that mean they copied? Possibly not. I am not that arrogant to think that someone is copying my every move.

And what could I do about it, anyway? Well….I could send a confrontational Facebook message like the founder of that business decided to do to me.

But truth be told, I am a mother to three including a 7-month-old baby, and most of my days are busy AF and I don’t really have the time.

Maybe if I was an angry girl with nothing better to do, I might of had a crack.

What do I plan to do?

The same as we’ve always done, keep improving - keep evolving and become the best version of Delta & Co we can be.

Because that’s the whole point of business - GROWTH.

And they know it.

And anyone who has a problem with your improvement, your development, and growth - is threatened.

Friends, family, other businesses, you name it.

And wants to KEEP YOU IN YOUR BOX - small and irrelevant.

Just where they like you to be.

And if things take an ugly turn? What then? Lawyer up and fight for your right to exist.

What’s sad is, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me.

I got my first taste of nasty women back in 2012 when I had the idea for a social network for parents.

There was literally NOTHING like it on the market…

Excited, I hurried along to get a website developed for “Playdate Australia” - my very first start-up.

Then 6 months into development I set up our first Facebook page and started advertising for sign-ups on our coming soon page.

And then, out of no-where, the comments began…..

“This idea already exists!”

“Your copying a girl in Melbourne who has already created this!”

So I went and had a look, and true enough, there was a social network for parents already out there.

So what was I to do?

Throw away the 25k I had already sunk on website development?

Chuck the money in the bin like it was nothing?

Dump my dreams and the excitement of what I was building like rock?

No way.

Sick of this rubbish from other women in business, I had a chat with a good mate of mine, who ran a successful streetwear business on the Gold Coast for over 10 years.

“Pinar, get used to it,” He told me.

“This type of behaviour is rampant in business.”

Business owners are constantly sending angry letters, threatening and suing each other.

Hairdressers get it from other hairdressers.

Store owners get it from competing store owners.

Even lawyers get it from other lawyers.

It’s business and people are c***s.

Ain’t that the truth.

So where to now?

This latest turn of events couldn’t be better timing for the launch of my new Delta Band.



Cos if you are in business, you're gonna to need it.

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