The Day My Husband Told Me I Am A Shit Wife (And What I Did Next)

 My husband said something the other night that made me realise how negative I had been this year.

After yet another one of our blowouts about the business, he said to me, “Pinar, saying something nice is the harder option”.

I was taken aback for a moment, and it took me a few minutes to truly digest what that meant.

And then it hit me like a tonne of bricks, and I won't lie, the truth hurt.

It wasn’t that I was just going through a bad time and everyone and everything around me sucked.

I just had lost all self-control and I was choosing the easy way out.

And that’s all it came down to.

Because when you think about it, anyone can complain - that’s stuff is easy.

Anyone can criticise - that’s easy.

Anyone can blame - that’s easy.

What’s hard?

Finding something good, despite the bad.

Finding something someone did right, despite their mistakes.

Praising others, despite their flaws.

That stuff is hard.

That requires real character.

That requires self-control.

And I had lost ALL of it this year, and my poor hubby has been copping it.

I had been taking out all my frustrations on him.

And it was unfair.

Which is exactly why I started our "Positive Energy Mindset Group" on Monday.

To regain self-control and get my life back on track.

And I know it’s gonna be hard because I have been complaining, blaming and criticising on autopilot and it’s become a bad habit.

And I believe in change and I know things can be better.

And I am one determined mofo and won’t give up until I get there.

Want to join me on this journey? 

Join our "Positive Energy" Facebook Group here.

See you there! xo

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