4 Tips For A Successful 2019

I know I can be slack blogging sometimes, but I wanted to make sure you heard from me today.

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you for everyone who has been a part of the Delta & Co journey so far.

Your support means the world, and it is so incredibly humbling that you let me be a part of your journey too.

I wanted to share my top 4 lessons I learnt in 2018 that can hopefully help you manifest everything you could possibly want in 2019.

Lessons that helped my business grow, and understand life a little better.

And I hope it helps you too.

1. No one is coming to save you - for a long time, I was holding back. Hoping to god that some magical knight was going to come in, swoop me up onto their horse, and solve all my problems - business, personally and physically. I looked up to the gurus - coaches, experts, mentors, and while yes, I gained some insights, the real transformation, was up to me.

When I finally stopped holding back in fear of what people would think and started to take massive action everything changed. My business exploded, I felt invincible, which lead to the compounding effect, my confidence lead to MORE action, giving me more results, and so the cycle of growth continued. And it all started with ONE shift.

Understanding, very gravely, that no one is coming to save you.

2. Protect your energy - as some of you may know that this year I was embroiled in some pretty major drama. And at the time, it felt like a good idea, but looking back, it was energy wasted. The energy I could have put towards building my business, exercising, feeling good and spending time with my family. Cos that’s the thing about energy - we think we have more of it than we actually do - and when we use it all up, there is nothing left for the stuff that matters. So 2019 is all about setting firm boundaries, saying no and making sure I don’t waste my energy as I did in 2018.

3. Forgive yourself - we all stuff up. I do A LOT. But what is awesome about life, is this - it’s forgiving. Every morning is a chance to make things better. Nothing is final, nothing is fatal. So don’t feel like that if you make a mistake everything is doomed, because we can change our situation in an instant. Think about the mistakes you made 10 years ago. How important are they today? The past is funny like that. When you think about it, it doesn’t really exist. Each moment is over in a blink of an eye giving us the chance to choose something different for tomorrow.

4. Believe in yourself and persevere - Trust me when I say, at the start of my business journey I didn’t know anything about building a brand or marketing. But one thing I did know for sure, was this - I would preserve until I cracked the code. And I believed in ME when no one else did. Believe in yourself, believe you can because, without self-belief, you won’t preserve through the tricky moments, and magic happens when you refuse to quit.

I hope these help you in 2019 in some way.

Thanks again for those who supported us and here’s to an amazing, inspiring year ahead.

Mama and founder of Delta & Co.

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